Course Content

ENF 1801 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies  

ENF 1910 Web Page Design

ENF 1920 Image Editing Applications

ENF 2920 3D Design and Animation

ENF 1940 Statistical Analysis Applications

ENF1950 Operating System

ENF 1960 Computer Aided Design

ENF 1970 Multimedia Applications

ENF 1980 Programming Languages

ENF 1990 Database Applications

ENF 0910 Internet Programming

ENF 0920 Educational Software Development

ENF 2910 Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

ENF 2900 Content Management System

ENF 1930 Technology Project Management

ENF 2940 Advanced Office Applications

ENF 1804 Computer II

ENF 2804 Computer II


Department of Informatics
Yukarı Çık